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Remember Your Dearly Loved Pet

Buddy ink impression system is a great way to memorialize your pet. With this, you can have an image of your pet’s nose or paw transferred onto jewelry or any other item of your choice. Contact Heavenly Pet Memorials of Topeka, KS for more information.

Get merchandise to honor your pet

  • Memorial stones, caskets, engraved plaques and urns

  • Jewelry - chains and charms

  • Photo frame to hold paw impressions

  • Metal signs that are resistant to rusting

  • Books to help you get over your loss

We consider pets as family members; some of us also call them our babies. For amazing merchandise and aftercare services, call us at:


Compassionate and quality services

Get personalized high-quality services to meet your individual needs. If you've any further questions regarding our pet cremation and memorial services, call us at 785-272-1582.

Are you thinking of memorializing your pet? It's very normal for people to memorialize their pets. Choose a company which truly cares for you and your pet. Get the most memorable and honorable service now.

Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Going to Be Immortalized

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